Conroy Performance online coaching is a bespoke service for those who are seeking individualised or group coaching remotely. Whether it is sport specific, health related, or looking to take your physique to the next level, its covered. Programming considers everything from your current fitness level, weekly training schedule, lifestyle, injuries to deliver periodised training to enhance your performance.

small play iconWHAT TO EXPECT

  • Training, nutrition and mindset are all needed to perform, its CP’s philosophy to guide you through a process whereby these are incorporated to achieve results. 
  • Strength & conditioning underpins CP programming, and is designed to improve movement and function by focusing on mobility, strength, power, as well as cardiovascular development. 
  • 4-6 week personal periodised training programmes. Accessible on any device with monthly breakdowns, video demonstrations, and real time messaging.
  • Flexible nutrition strategies encompassing nutritional needs, an example meal planner, and report to support overall goal.
  • Most importantly, to help educate and inspire individuals.

small play iconESSENTIALS

  • Adopt a mindset of longevity ‘in it for the long term’.
  • You must be an individual who is self-motivated. 
  • Have a desire to make improvements in and outside of the gym.
  • Adapt to an ever changing stimulus.
  • Commitment to wanting a better version of yourself.

1:1 Online coaching

The 1:1 online coaching offers an opportunity to experience bespoke programming from anywhere. The help on offer extends from programming, nutritional guidance, weekly check ins, and unlimited communication. Perfect for those seeking additional guidance remotely.

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To summarise, CP follows a thorough process to make sure that you get what you need from online coaching. You will also have unlimited communication throughout your online coaching experience, ensuring there is no doubt left in your mind.

*Please note that for an individuals to fully appreciate the benefit of following a personalised program a minimum of three consecutive months commitment is required.

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