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Dennis Conroy a sports scientist, with a strong sporting background, began his career just after graduating and has built up 6 years experience within the fitness industry. Having worked with everyday clients to athletes he has an in depth understanding of the physical requirements needed to perform. He strives to deliver a well rounded, sustainable approach that is suited to the general population allowing them to build a body that moves, looks and feels better.

Dennis’s ethos is heavily based on health, longevity and optimising performance. His interests lie in bridging the gap between injury right through to sporting performance. Everybody moves in different ways with unique demands, that’s why it is important to make it all about the individual at hand, the journey needs to be bespoke and expertly guided to the desired goal.

Having been fortunate enough to have worked with coaches at the top of their game, Dennis seeks to apply this knowledge and is proficient at understanding his client’s needs, therefore processing the ability to get the most from his clients and ultimately delivering results.


personal training
Personal Training
online coaching
Online Coaching
group training
Group Training

Personal Training

One-to-one and semi private personal training in St Albans are completely tailored towards your needs. Our craft starts with a comprehensive client assessment that evaluates current status, movement limitations, and work capacity. These are reevaluated throughout your journey. To make sure you stay on track all programming and communication go everywhere you go via an app.

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Most rehabilitation programmes either improve initial symptoms, or follow a process whereby injury is no longer an issue. However, our promise is to give you the tools to understand what is needed to return to exercise injury free with greater function and integrity. From the initial consultation, our role is to support, motivate, encourage, and push you forwards.

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Online Coaching

Online coaching is a bespoke service for those who are seeking group or individualised coaching remotely. Whether it is sport specific, health related, or looking to take your aesthetics to the next level, its covered. Programming considers everything from your current fitness level, weekly training schedule, lifestyle, and injuries to deliver periodised training to enhance your performance.

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Group Training

Group training in St Albans is a structured and scalable class whereby all individuals work at their own intensity level, based on their ability and current level of fitness. Classes are broken into sections which consists of the following; preparation, prime, lift, sweat and accessory.

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